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Holiday Rental Management

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In the battle for occupancy and revenue, rental management is not always as easy as it seems! The short-term rental market is increasingly competitive, and for many real estate owners, it’s difficult to keep up with managing listings, welcoming guests, and providing quality service to clients.

Cairns rentals is a professional property management company specialising in holiday homes, and short term rentals. We have years of experience with Airbnb rental properties across Far North Queensland, managing everything from marketing to maintenance.

We work hard to set your home apart from the other properties. We use tried-and-tested techniques to improve the position of your listing and ensure that you have a steady supply of bookings.

And once your guests arrive, we go the extra mile to help you provide a five-star experience that they are sure to remember.

Cairns Rentals Holiday Management

Professional Photos

Photos are the first thing the guests see. We will organise an experienced photographer to plan a professional photo shoot of your property. This will enhance the features of the property which will maximise bookings and occupancy rates and make your place stand out!

Listing Creation

We know how to design a listing that will make guests want to book with you. With well-written descriptions and stunning photos, we’ll help you bring in more business so that you can earn higher rental yields. Plus, our team will answer any questions guests may have.


Property Styling

Our expert team includes a dedicated property stylist who can work with you to create an attractive and inviting home that maximizes bookings. Our team has access to the latest design trends, so we can make sure that your home is set up to appeal to today’s guests.

Property Maintenance

Our team handles all maintenance issues for the owner. Property owners will be notified immediately of any damages by guests along with any required maintenance. We will always request approval from the owner before taking action.

Replenishing Essentials

As part of our service, we will provide your guests with the essential amenities needed for a comfortable stay. We will replenish all essential bathroom, laundry, and kitchen cleaning products between stays.

Revenue Optimisation

Our team is experienced in the high and low seasons of tourism. We keep a close eye on the market so that your nightly rate is always competitive and maximizes occupancy with an optimal pricing strategy.

Listing Enhancement

Your property will be listed on Airbnb but also on booking.com to maximise its full potential. Your listings are always optimisised and up to date to keep them high and competitive on Airbnb and other platforms.

Owner Support

Our open and responsive support helps ensure that your investment is in good hands. Whether you need help answering questions or checking on your property’s performance, we are always available.

Cairns Rentals offers the highest standards of cleaning management for your holiday property.

Linen Supply and Cleaning

 All properties undergo thorough Cleaning Management that guarantees high-quality, hotel-grade linen to ensure your guests feel comfortable throughout their stay. This includes bedding sheets, bath and pool towels, hand towels, face washers, bath mats, and tea towels. Doonas are wrapped between crisp hotel-grade sheets for a luxurious experience. Owners blankets, doonas, throws, cushion covers & mattress protecters are also washed by us.

Hotel Grade Cleaning Services

Cleaning and linen changeover is the most important and most difficult duty for short-term rental properties.All of our professional house cleaners are detail-oriented and will go above and beyond to make sure your property is cleaned to perfection. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your guests will have a comfortable stay. Our mission as managers is to always strive to keep your guests happy and your home 5-star rated.

At Cairns Rentals

We believe you should know what to expect from your Property Manager in advance. Our holiday letting management service is all-inclusive and fully transparent, with no hidden fees.

Fee Structure

The most competitive Holiday Letting Fee Structure available

Guest Screening

Each guest is screened by our property managers prior to the booking being accepted to protect your investment

Property Marketing

Your property will be marketed individually to ensure you receive 100% of the holiday rental booking inquiry

Property Inspection

Your property will be well looked after and inspected after every guest departs

Property Manager

You will have your own Personal Property Manager, so you will always deal with the same person

Professional Service

Your property Manager will always provide you with an honest, ethical, and professional service

How Cairns Airbnb Management Can Help You Get the Most from your Property?

Make Your Property Stand Out

In a competitive Airbnb market like Cairns, a great listing makes a world of difference. We use professional real estate photographers to highlight the special features of your property.

Our marketing team will create an exceptional listing with additional promotional materials to ensure that AirBnb prioritises your home.

Listing and Booking Management

Even in such an idyllic location, short-term rental management isn’t easy. Not only do owners manage bookings, communicate with guests, and keep on top of cleaning, but they also need to create unique listings, respond to inquiries, and monitor feedback. And when you have multiple properties, the work can quickly add up!

We take the hassle out of renting your property so that you can focus on what’s important to you.

Improve your Occupancy Rate

With beautiful beaches, amazing national parks, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is one of the best locations in Australia to own real estate, especially an Airbnb property.

In fact, the average holiday home in Cairns has an occupancy rate of 73%, which is above the national average. At Cairns Rentals, our Airbnb clients have an average occupancy rate of 87%, and 95% of guests leave a five-star review.

Giving Property Owners More Time & Freedom

An excellent AirBnb manager will improve your listings, increase your occupancy rate, and manage the day-to-day running of your rental. So, with the right team, your occupancy rate could increase, and you’ll gain more time! Win-win!

At Cairns rentals, we have a comprehensive approach to AirBnb property management. We handle everything from creating your listing to greeting your guests.

Are you Happy with your Occupancy Rate

Cairns Rentals managed airbnb’s have an 87% occupancy rate and 95% five star reviews. We will fully manage your property, for a percentage of the total income per booking!


30 – 50%





Cairns Airbnb Property Managers

Cairns Rentals Property Managers are experts when it comes to Property Management. We know the Holiday Letting Industry and we are here to offer you an excellent Service, with a proven strong rental return and a competitive management fee structure on your Holiday Rental Property


Based in the Northern Beaches our team of experts has knowledge of the rent and real estate market across Far North Australia, including Cairns and Port Douglas.

With impressive listings, high occupancy rates, and proven returns, your investment in Airbnb property management with us is sure to be a success.


We offer excellent service, with 24/7 support for guests, as well as a competitive management fee structure for your Airbnb.

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Holiday Rental with Airbnb

Why make the switch to short-term rental?

Whether you’re new to the rental market or you’re an old hand at the game, Cairns Rentals makes it easy for you to earn the extra income, without the extra effort.

As a property management service for Airbnb, we take over the entire short-term rental process and proactively manage the performance of your home, keeping your occupancy high and your guests happy.

Cairns Rentals Property managers takes care of every aspect of your Airbnb property. We call it hands-off hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airbnb Management Cairns

How much does AirBnb Management cost?

Working with Cairns Rentals is an investment. Not only does it save you time on cleaning, repairs, and communicating with visitors, but with our optimized listing process, you could see a significant increase in occupancy rate, meaning that you maintain your profit.

We offer a range of packages with competitive rates. Contact our team to find out how we can take your Airbnb to the next level!

Is it worth hiring a property management company for my Airbnb?

Whether you’re new to the rental market or you’re an old hand at the game, Cairns Rentals makes it easy for you to earn extra income from your real estate property, without the extra effort.

As an Airbnb property management service, we take care of the entire process, proactively managing your home, keeping your rent/occupancy rate high, and your guests happy.

Do you handle repairs and cleaning?

Yes! We take care of absolutely everything to do with your Airbnb. That includes photography, marketing, listings, bookings, handling inquiries, greeting guests, replenishing amenities, cleaning, maintenance, and responding to reviews.

Holiday Homes to Rent in Cairns

Trinity Beach Holiday Rental Apartment

Trinity Beach Holiday Apartment

A unique holiday experience in the tranquil seaside community of Trinity Beach. Only steps from beautiful beaches and pool at your front door.

Edge hill cottage airbnb (1)

Edge Hill Cottage

Experience the warmth of a beautifully preserved railway cottage, standing strong for over 50 years. Enjoy spacious living areas that effortlessly connect to a plunge pool and a covered entertaining space.

Igloo by the Sea

Our unique dome design allows for an unforgettable experience overlooking the most beautiful beaches in the Cairns area. Conveniently located with easy access to all local attractions. 

Bluewater Marina

Welcome to Sangria Sunset by Bluewater Marina, a completely private house and spacious hideaway nestled at the heart on Bluewater Estate in Trinity Park.

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View more of our exclusive airbnb properties and find the perfect property for your next holiday. The fantastic team at Cairns Rentals, will be looking after you during your stay, so be rest assured on having the best holiday!

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