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 Rental Appraisal & Property Inspection

At Cairns Rentals, we understand the value and worth of your rental property is key for all property investors in order for them to gain the best return on investment available.

 Your first premium ingrees inspection service is conducted by STI& Associates valued $550 is FREE

Our initial first inspection includes a detailed Preventative Maintenance Inspection Report. This Exclusive Service is a First in Cairns rental properties to Include a SPECIALISED INFARED SCAN to detect:

  1. Extensive moisture Ingress minor water leaks which could result in damage to your property
  2. Check condition of plumbing connections & flexi hoses in wet areas & kitchens.
  3. Conduct a Site Hazard identification inspection to reduce potential accidents
  4. We check the property from to bottom and give you a clear picture of what preventative maintenance works are required.

Wet area Infrared Scan:

  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Thermal scan of ceiling to reveal insulation voids and any current roof leaks
  • Moisture readings of affected areas to determine how serious the problem is.
  • Flexi hoses (bathroom, kitchen) hot and cold water
  • Is it any trees around the house?
  • We check gutters

Optional Additional Premium Service

You can opt to have this additional Premium service conducted every 3 months during your quarterly inspection for only additional fee which includes state of the art infrared images and moisture mapping readings.

If ignored cause potentially harmful mould colonies to develop, not forgetting wet rooting timber which is an attractive food source for termites.

Property managers at Cairns Rentals are experienced in delivering straightforward, honest, and reliable rental property appraisals to our clients, ensuring that they realise the economic benefits of their investment, and can work towards increasing the value of their rental property.

By securing a rental appraisal with Cairns Rentals you are taking your first step towards responsible residential property management

Cairns Rentals – experience the best

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