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Cairns Rentals – Taking Care of your Property

At Cairns Rentals, we take care of your property as if it is our own, we remove all stree related to the rental of your property

  • We don’t wait until an accident happens
  • We take measures to avoid them happening in the first place

 Cairns Rentals are Proactive not Reactive

Educating the Tenant

  • We educate tenants what they can do and don’t and explain to them they are temporary care takers
  • We ensure the prospective tenant is aware they are entrusted with your loved and cared for property and expect it be taken care of and returned in the same condition in which it was presented to them
  • They are in a sense temporarily entrusted in the wellbeing of your property as “Care takers”
  • We ensure they meet our strict requirements and understand what is expected from them in relation to avoiding accidental damages and caring for the property

Tenant Checklist

  • We provide tenants specialised do and don’t check list
  • All prospective tenants are required to read and understand what is required of them during the tenancy and agree to the requirements
  • We don’t make any apologies for our strict and high standards!
  • Our aim is to find the right tenant for your property.

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“Property Managers at Cairns Rentals do not wait for accidents to happen! 

We take measures to avoid them happening in the first place! “

Cairns Rentals are Proactive not Reactive

Cairns Rentals Strong Values & Integrity


Trust worthy and honesty are our key ingredients to looking after you and your property.


Our strong moral values allow us to be  completely transparent and open with all  clients.


You can completely dependon Cairns Rentals to take care of your property and buisness.

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